Customers can experience the experience of being actively involved in creating their own fake watches

In a few lines we will try to present the UNITY Project. UNITY is a fake watches making firm founded in 2010 in Barcelona by a few watch enthusiasts. The name of the brand is inspired by the main attribute of its pieces, the unique and exclusive character of its watches, and on which the leitmotiv of its project is based: “in a world in which everything is copied and everything is done in series, the exclusivity lies in the differentiation and the custom made ”

UNITY competes in the world of fake watch making with a twist replica Rolex watches, and allows the customer to live the experience of actively participating in the creation of their own watch, and this is how they have forged their own personality based on the following principles :


“Design: We take great care of the design and have opted for our own developments with a differentiating aesthetic of the brand characterized by the lateral“ staples ”. We do not use solutions or standard boxes, all the developments are made in house starting from replica watches.


Local manufacturing: The boxes of our watches and more and more pieces such as crystals and spheres are manufactured in Barcelona. Depending on the model, between 50-60% of the cost of the watch has its origin in Barcelona and depending on the caliber and type of finish of the watch, between 25-40% in Switzerland, and the rest, between 10-20% It has its origin among replica watches several countries such as Germany and China.