Various bridges and other parts that make up the replica watches movement

So with the mind set on the Peseux 260 Santi and Montse they said ... why not create a stop replica watch from a vintage movement making most of the pieces by hand and with a new aesthetic design?

In this way they took the Omega 266 caliber as a base, from which they took advantage of the base plate and the filming and began to build, with the collaboration of a master fake watches maker -the third leg of the team-, the various bridges and other pieces that make up the movement , and this is where the differential fact of the project lies. Convert a simple base caliber into a stopwatch with a totally vintage aesthetic from the 40-50s of the last century through a completely handmade process. All the pieces that are incorporated are made completely by hand from a disk on which the shape of the piece is drawn, cut by hand saw and then all the final finishes are made including reverse angles on the edges of the bridges, a feat that only the artisan hand can do - there are, at the moment, numerical control machines that can perform this type of finishes - and that truly identifies a piece of fine watchmaking.

The first piece out of "Atelier de Chronométrie" is the weekly prototype that I have commented before and attached some photos. However, the first commercial clock (of which you can see the construction process on your Facebook and Instagram) will be a stop fake watches with indications of hours, minutes and seconds, certified by the Bensançon Observatory, the “Swiss” French watchmaker.


This first model is now ready to pass the time trials and they hope to present it properly in society in the coming months, so we will be attentive to the event. The starting price will be about € 37,000 approximately and the final price replica watches will depend on the finishes you want from both the box and the sphere that can be fully customized.


The next model they are working on is nothing less than a whirlwind, so we will surely talk about replica watches Atelier de Chronometrie as soon as we have more news.