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I had the opportunity to meet Santi and Montse, his wife, during the past SIAR in Madrid and despite the paracetamol kick that Santi was carrying, he began to speak passionately and rampantly about the project that is brought into his hands: "Atelier de Chronometrie". He improvisedly showed us a first prototype with a complication that, sincerely, he had not seen to date: a weekly, that is to say, by means of two discs - one for the tens and one for the units -, the week in which we're. It was only a few brief but replica watches intense minutes and I wanted to know more, so we set out to see Barcelona more calmly.


Santi and Montse are dedicated to obtaining vintage pieces of high replica watches making for collectors and are experts in Patek Philippe, not in vain in his house the Geneva firm is present almost in all the rooms, whether in a furniture, vintage of course, of fittings or in fake watches measurement equipment with the name printed on its front. This activity led them to meet one day with a caliber, in their competition box, Peseux 260 which made them roll the blanket to their heads and develop "Atelier de Chronometrie".

Before following an aside as some will ask you: what is special about a Peseux 260? It is special that it was a competition caliber as if it were a formula one of the clock. These tests were carried out during almost a century in the observatories of Neuch√Ętel (1866 - 1975) and Geneva (1873 - 1967). For wristwatches the competitions were held over 23 years, between 1945 and 1967. Omega and Patek Philippe were regular "runners" in the competition, but also in particular for wristwatches the competition was held from 1945 to 1967 but also others like replica Rolex, Zenith, Longines, Vacheron Constantin or Ulysse Nardin among the brands that still have their place today and others such as Movado, Cyma or Favre-Leuda who lived better times last century. The fact is that the Peseux 260 is a stopwatch that recalls the golden times of watchmaking in which there were real competitions to be the most accurate clock in the measurement of time: the true essence of replica watches.

Today we bring you a very interesting article for the most athletes among you. One of our collaborators arrived at the office the other day speaking wonders of this automatic replica watches. A friend of his had shown up at home with him on his wrist at a dinner they had organized. We really liked it, so much that we cannot leave you in ignorance - White bullfighter of the Richtenburg house.

It is an automatic sports replica watch but very elegant. It looks great on the wrist and is from the Richtenburg luxury replica watch house.

He conquered us above all because of its robust design and size. It is impressive, a detail that surely will not escape anyone!

White bullfighter

Here I give you the technical details: Nickel free stainless steel (316L) housing Stainless steel bracelet with safety clasp Richtenburg RK190 caliber automatic mechanism 20 rubies Reinforced mineral glass Date indicator Day of the week indicator Month indicator Diameter without crown: 42 mm Housing height: 13 mm Bracelet Width: 22mm 10 ATM Weight 175g incl. Bracelet

According to the boy, this one, the Bullfighter is a real past also to take him to the gym. He tells us that he never takes it off practically, not even when he is going to swim and that it not only seems robust but it truly is. So you know, if you are a born athlete or you like sports style, this is definitely your replica watches!